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First of all welcome and we would like to say thank you for serving our country.

Our Rewards for Police website is free to join, this gives you access to the online discounts that we have on offer.

However, we do offer an optional Rewards Membership Card that unlocks additional benefits (restaurants, theme parks.) It’s a one-off fee of £4.99 WHICH LASTS FOR LIFE.

If you have lost/damaged Membership Card we do offer a replacement card for £4.99 which includes postage and Packaging.

Rewards for Police is your perfect discount site for
(but not limited to):

Police Officer (all ranks)
Police Community Support Officer
Special Constable
Police Staff
Military Police
Civil Nuclear Police
Retired Member
Police Cadet
Police Partners / Spouses
Prison Service
Family Member

Once joined and logged in, the website is very simply to use:

Our ever-popular Cinema discounts are available in the Entertainment section on the website.

The Latest Offers section, this list includes new advertisers that have been uploaded in the 30 days or limited time special offers.


National discounts lists - discounts are displayed by categories.

Holiday Villas / Cottages
Home & Garden
Kids Zone

Latest Offers Emails - We send an email out every Friday to our members who have opted in to receive these, the latest offers email includes exclusive offers, new offers and limited time offers.

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