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How do I prove that I am entitled to discounts?

For all those of you without official identification we have created a Rewards for Police ID Card for you to prove your entitlement to discounts.

Apply to join the free discount scheme and purchase your ID Card NOW.

Personalised ID card showing your service, unique membership number, name and signature.

Important Information

Police impersonation is an act of falsely portraying oneself as a member of the Police, for the purpose of deception. In the vast majority of countries the practice is illegal and carries a custodial sentence.

Where can I use my Rewards for Police ID Card?

Once you have joined, click on the ‘High Street’ section on the left hand side of the page. Here you will find an extensive list of all the stores where ou can use your Rewards for Police Card

How can I help with the campaign?

Do you know of any businesses giving a discount in your area that would like to join the scheme? Ask them to contact us or send them to the website.

Why not ask for a Rewards for Police discount wherever you shop? If you have your identification you may get it - let us know if you do.

Can you help promote the Rewards for Police scheme? Please contact us for a selection of posters, websites images and editorial.

New businesses joining the scheme will feature in the monthly newsletter and our social media pages.

Get in touch for discounts for the police services

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